Outdoor locations for training are great - you don't need any equipment, there's loads of space, you aren't going to annoy the neighbours, you don't get half as sweaty and there are all those great negative ions you'll be getting from the trees and vegetation around you.

So, these are my favourite places in and around Greenwich and Blackheath for training:

1). Greenwich Park

This has to be top of my list of places to train. Most people enter via St Mary's Gate, so take the time to walk east towards the playground, or south up the hill towards the rose gardens and tennis courts. The further away from the Greenwich Observatory and the Avenue you go, the more likely you are to find a nice quiet space for a workout.

There are also a set of steps (about 80) leading up to One Tree Hill which are great for hill sprints, if you're in the mood.

2). The Point Hill

This is my local park, where I run personal training sessions and has the most incredible view across London. It's not well known, very quiet and possibly my favourite view of the whole of London.

There are a number of benches in the park, some steps leading up to the view at the far end and it is also very well sheltered from wind and rain by the trees. Great for one of those days when the weather doesn't play ball, but you still want to get your exercise routine in.

3). Island Gardens

Another great location, which isn't frequented by may people is the small Island Gardens Park, across the water from Greenwich. To get there, I take the foot tunnel to the north side of the river and come out the north side of the river, turn a corner and I'm in the park.

This park has a number of benches and a great view across the river at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich.

4). Blackheath

This park is much larger than any of the other parks, however, it does tend to be a little busier and more exposed. It's great for longer runs and sprints. I also take my kites out there, if I fancy practising any new tricks on land before I try them on water.

5). Hornfair Park

Tucked away from the main road, with little foot traffic, this park is quite fantastic! There are sets of steps, benches, tennis courts and a playground which can be used for exercises. You just need to get a little creative when you're making up your programme.

This park is beside Charlton Lido, so after a workout you can go for a well deserved swim in the open air pool!