Aspyr Personal Training - Workout of the Day (WOD) - Tuesday 23rd August 2017 - Partner Workout

Difficulty: 6/7

Partner Session

Warm up:

100m run

20 squats

20 lunges (each leg)

20 inch worms


Main Set:

The first exercise is the target the couple are trying to reach, the second exercise is 

100 x Press ups/Press up hold in top position

100 x Lunges/Squat Hold

100 x Dead lifts/Glute Bridge holds - to make it more difficult, take one foot off the floor

100 x Bicep Curl w/ one are extended/Tricep press and hold from the floor

100 x Squat and Press/Overhead Shoulder Press Hold

100 x 1/4 single leg squats/Squat Hold

100 x Flies/Flies Hold

100 x Renegade rows/Back Hollow

100 x Rows/Is,Ys,Ts

100 x V-Sit Ups/Plank

100 x Mountain Climbers/Front Hollow

100 x Kettlebell Swings/Plank

100 x Snatches/Back Hollow

100 x Leg Raises/Plank

100 x Side Plank with arm opener/Plank

1500 reps in total!