Sandy Rowe Ante and Post Natal Personal Training

Sandy Rowe Ante and Post Natal Personal Training

ante Natal Personal Training

As qualified ante and post natal trainers, we can show you how to exercise safely while you're pregnant and how to recover after you've had a baby. Exercising through your pregnancy has proven to:

  • reduce recovery time after having a baby

  • reduce labour time

  • increase the well-being of the mother

Whatever your goal, personal training can help get you to where you want to be.

Post natal Personal training

After having a baby, it is really important for the mother to start exercising again. Exercise can help with:

  • weight loss

  • makes you feel good about yourself

  • joint stability

  • aid core and pelvic floor repair

  • increase confidence

We know how you can exercise safely with your baby and regain your confidence in your body.