Online Training Plan

Our approach to training is simple:

  • plan

  • execute

We often meet people who want to train, but they don't know what exercises to perform to get the most from their training. Whether it's to lose weight, gain muscle, train for a specific sport or to avoid injury, we can put a bespoke plan together for you. Our training plans will provide you with:

  • A personalised training plan

  • Food analysis

  • Training examples & videos

  • Measurement, benchmarking & monitoring

  • Daily email to your inbox with your routine

  • Daily calorie & macro goals

  • Access to an online portal to record your training

We deliver our training plans through FitBot. We pride ourselves in delivering only the best quality training to our clients and have partnered with the best solution possible.

I have been training with Sandy for about 2 months and I am very pleased with her and the progress I have seen. Not only have my muscles grown significantly, also my recovery time has reduced and my stamina increased. If you are looking for measurable results she would be my recommended choice.
— Gerrit D.

To deliver the training plan, you get a login to our training portal at All of your training and food information is delivered through this platform. You can send questions to your trainer, provide feedback on the session and arrange to meet your training in our studio on the Isle of Dogs for motivation and inspiration.