Get started with our bespoke weight-loss plans. Our training plans give you access to an online training portal, which will provide you with a daily outline of nutrition and exercise information. Our trains will support you the whole way through your training and you can visit our studio in South East London if you want further motivation.

Our weight-loss plans include:

  • an initial consultation to understand your fitness goals

  • a bespoke plan based around the time you can dedicate to training

  • give you a login to your own online fitness account

  • provide you with daily nutrition goals

  • create workouts that burn fat and tone you up

  • strengthen your body for events throughout the year

  • provide you with the knowledge of how to train yourself

  • create plans which reduce the risk of injury, are fun and help you commit to your goals

Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training

We are experts in exercise, nutrition, movement and recovery. We will help you lose weight using our unique weight loss plan.

Bespoke Weight Loss Training Plan

Bespoke Weight Loss Training Plan


At Aspyr we make want to help you reach your goals. We believe that weight-loss requires a plan, knowledge and determination. We can deliver the first two for you, meaning you just need to bring the determination. We will:

  • create workouts you can do on your own

  • measure your body composition - weight, body fat, bone density, water retention

  • take body measurements - hip, thighs, waist, chest and arms

  • create a bespoke plan that will keep you on track and motivated

  • provide nutrition information

Deliver results

Deliver results


This is were the action and hard work starts. Our plans are based around 4 key pillars:

  • Move

  • Eat

  • Sleep

  • Recover

By apply these four concepts to your training plan, you can live a healthier and fitter life.