Aspyr Personal Training - Workout of the Day (WOD) - Wednesday 27th September

Difficulty: 7

Warm up: 


15 x Air squats

15 x Lunges


Is, Ys, Ts

Arm Rotations



Main Set: 

10 x goblet squats

10 x single leg squats onto a bench

10 x kettlebell swings

10 x lunges

100m Run

10 x chest press

10 x row

10 x shoulder press

100m Run

10 x bicep curl

10 x tricep extension

10 x front raise

10 x lateral raise

100m Run

10 x reverse dumbbell woodshops

10 x plank with leg kick

10 x  squat and chest press with dumbbell


sets = as many as possible in 30 mins