Personal Training - Workout of the Day (WOD) - Remedial Back and Leg Exercises - Tuesday 10th October 2017

Difficulty: 4/5

These exercises are not meant to be completed quickly. They're are for remedial work to help warm up the body before exercising and to help stretch and alleviate areas of discomfort from dysfunction - specifically of the thoracic spine and of the knee


10 x TRX squat with a band around your knees - as soon as your chest starts dropping forwards or you feel a pinch in your lower back, come back up right. Squeeze the glutes at the top of the squat.

10 x TRX reverse lunge. Keep your chest upright, use the TRX to help you back up again.

10 x squat with swiss ball against a wall. Keep chest up right, go down as far as you can without bending forwards

10 x squat against a wall. Keep your chest up right, go down as far as you can without head butting the wall.

10 x single leg negatives off the curb or off a bench. Control the downward movement. Start with a small step and increase the distance that you are descending over time.

10 x single leg balances on bosu ball. Hold for 5-10 seconds each time. Rest between legs.


10 x thoracic rotations with a light bar behind your shoulders while seated on a swiss ball

10 x swiss thoracic spine extensions using a swiss ball for support

10 x supermans

10 x scorpions - this is for the lower spine

10 x one arm press up with chest flat on the floor giving a thoracic rotation

10 x foam roller hand clap. Place the foam roller under your thoracic spine, let your arms relax onto the ground either side of your body and bring them up together with your hands facing. Complete 10 and then use a band. Hold onto the band on each end and extend your hands out to either side away from the middle of your body (as if you were opening your arms to hug someone).

10 x swiss ball roll outs, press chest to the ground

10 x TRX chest extensions

10 x TRX lat extensions