Posted by Sandy Rowe.

When someone said to me ‘sugary drinks’ I thought of coca-cola, Fanta, 7Up etc. That was until 6 months ago, when I realised that this applied to concentrated juices like orange juice, which was my staple morning drink of choice!

Giving up my daily orange juice routine was tough. My body had got used to the sugar rush in the morning and the deprivation was difficult to overcome. To help, I replaced Orange juice with Beetroot juice. This still has sugar in it, as it's mixed with 10/% of apple juice. However, it’s a vegetable juice and not a fruit juice, it naturally contains less sugar.

Beetroots are also full of natural goodness - Vitamins A (for the health of your eyes) and C (for your immune system), as well as anti-oxidants, which help keep your skin, nails and hair looking healthy.

Beware, it can turn your urine red, so don’t be alarmed if you notice this side affect!