Posted by Sandy Rowe.

For many years I've been picking the 'low' fat alternatives. And the government 'eat well' plate shows low fat dairy products. The research behind this suggestion was completed in to combat high cholesterol levels that health experts ware seeing in the 80s/90s in adults in the UK. When I started researching about full fat products, I realised that I was happier eating the full fat products, than eating products which were made up of chemicals I couldn't pronounce.

This is slightly contrary to what the government advises, however, this is my opinion on how to eat healthily, which is I avoid anything which says ‘low fat’. We need fat to be able to digest carbohydrates and vitamins A, D, E and K, so fat is very important to our diets. Not only that, but you’ll usually find that the fat has been replaced with chemicals and sugars.