Posted by Sandy Rowe.

Does it look like it came out of a packet? In which case, I avoid it. This includes crisps, microwave/oven meals, cereals and sweets. Most of these are high in the wrong kinds of fats (trans fats), high in salt (adult’s daily intake should be 6gms), high in processed sugars and don’t provide our bodies with what we need. This all results in us feeling hungry an hour after we’ve eaten.

On Friday and Sunday evenings, I was particularly susceptible to packaged food. It might have been a long week or we'd come back from wakeboarding late. We'd pop into the supermarket and pick up a packaged 'healthy' meal. I thought I was doing myself a favour and eating well. Unfortunately, when I looked at the packaging, I suddenly realised that they were usually high in processed sugars, had chemicals I couldn't pronounce and had high salt content.

As a replacement, I've started booking an online food delivery every week and looking for quick and simple recipes to make in the evening. If it takes more than 30 minutes to make, it's off the menu! If we're going to be out during the week or over the weekend, I double the portion and freeze it.

Try it out and see how you get on!