Boxing gets you fit and increases strength and here's how:

1). Firstly, it's a really great way of releasing energy and enjoying exercise at the same time. I appreciate that not everyone is into lunges/squats/running/lifting weights, so it's a great alternative.

2). Depending on how you're looking to transform will depend on where in the fitness pyramid you target your training. To lose weight you'll want high reps, low power. To tone up you do low reps, high power. Throw a few powerful punches and you'll be working on hypertrophy. Throw multiple punches and you'll be working on endurance.

3). You'll find that after a few rounds of 10+ reps, you'll start to get short of breath. Add a few runs between sets and you'll increase the cardio aspect of your workout. Strengthening your heart and increasing blood flow to your muscles.

4). Want a core workout as well? As you're punching think about squeezing your core. That'll certainly have an impact on the pads. For a more intense workout, add in a few crunches, or leg raises between sets.

Boxing is great fun, helps with fitness and weight loss and makes you feel good about yourself.