I have a client who is training for triathlon. He's dipped his toes into triathlon and completed his first race. The below training plan is based on a fit, injury free and healthy person, who is already able to complete a sprint distance triathlon, looking to increase their mileage to Olympic distance triathlon.

Monday am - Swim - 1-2km (total distance, including drills)

Monday pm - Run - 5-10km (steady pace, just under race pace)

Tuesday am - Core/Back/Arms - Low weights/High Reps weights for the upper body

Tuesday pm - Bike/Run - 20-30km/2-3km - Brick Session

Wednesday am - Rest

Wednesday pm - Run - Interval - 3-5km (1km intervals, with 1min rest between)

Thursday am - Bike - 40km (steady)

Thursday pm - Swim - 2-3km (total distance, including drills)

Friday am - Swim - Intervals - 1-2km e.g. 50m in 1min 30, rest is whatever you have between returning and 1min 30

Friday pm - Leg day - Low weights/High Reps weights for the lower body

Saturday - Rest Day

Sunday - Long Bike/Run - 50-100km (up the mileage slowly!)/2km - Brick Session

Disclaimer: Note that the above is only advised if you are fit and healthy. The author, Sandy Rowe, takes no responsibility for training which is not supervised.