The formalities - the masseuse will introduce themselves and ask you to complete medical history and personal details forms.

After you have completed the forms the masseuse will as you if you are happy for them to keep your data on file and if you hare happy to be assessed.

The masseuse will then ask you why you're visiting and start a physical assessment. This has 4 sections:

- posture - standing in your relaxed stand

- movement - identifying a specific joint(s) and any dysfunction that joint may have

- palpitation - asking you to sit or lie on the couch while the masseuse presses on the muscle

- functional movement - complete a functional movement that you would complete in your every day life

Once the assessment has been completed, the masseuse will write a treatment plan and outline what they plan to do. They will outline the treatment and any associated risks. This is your opportunity to ask questions and confirm you are happy with the treatment plan.

After the assessment the masseuse will ask you to either put on sports kit or remove articles of clothing which will inhibit the masseuse during the massage. The best kit to wear is a pair of shorts, t-shirt. For women, wearing a back opening bra will allow the most convenient massage. All jewellery should be removed and placed in your own bag for safe keeping. The masseuse will not take responsibility for any personal items.