These savoury pancakes are really tasty and make a great savoury meal, if you prefer savoury pancakes to sweet pancakes. They also take about 20 minutes to make, so they're great for a quick healthy meal.

Serves 2



200gms sweet corn

2 eggs

4 tbsp rye flour

20gms feta cheese

butter (for frying)


1 Beetroot

6 cherry tomatoes (from the vine taste the best)

8 rashers of pancetta

20gms of feta cheese

a hand full of parsley

a hand full of chilli flakes

6 walnut halves


Put the pancake ingredients into the mixer and mix thoroughly. The mixture should appear slightly lose (drips off a spoon slowly). Transfer the mixture to a measuring jug, I find this the easiest way of pouring the mixture into a pan to fry.

Add a small amount (stamp sized) of butter to a non-stick frying pan and make sure it reaches all parts of the pan - you don't want your pancakes to stick!

Place the pancetta in a frying pan on a low heat and get a plate with kitchen roll ready. Slowly cook the pancetta and transfer to the plate to drain the fats. No extra oil is added when cooking the pancetta.

While the pancetta is cooking, pour your pancake mixture into the centre of the pan until it reaches approx. 10cm in diameter. Using the pan, move the mixture around so that it flattens into a pancake shape. Fry for 1 minute before flipping over to the other side. Fry for another minute and then place on a plate in the oven. The oven should be at 100 degrees to keep the pancakes warm. Continue with the rest of the mixture, and you should have 4 lovely pancakes.

For the salad, slice the beetroot into 5mm slices, and place on the pancakes. Slice the tomatoes in 2 and place around the outside of the pancakes. Add the pancetta to the top of the beetroot, crumble feta cheese on top, add the chilli flakes and parsley to taste and serve!