Breakfast, for me, is the most important meal of the day. Recent studies indicate that this may be a myth, however, I believe having a good breakfast sets me up with good eating behaviours for the rest of the day.

The problem with breakfast is that it can take some time to prep in the morning, and not everyone has an extra 15-20 minutes to cook eggs or make their own muesli. These overnight oats are really healthy, have lots of good nutrition in them and will keep you going for the morning. They also take the stress out of the morning, as they soak overnight and are ready to eat the following morning.

Serves 1:


- 150 grams oats

- 2 tbsp sultanas

- 2 tbsp nuts

- 2 figs

- 1/2 tbsp goji berries

- 1/2 tbsp chai seeds

- 250ml coconut milk


- 1 banana


Place all the ingredients in a bowl the night before you want them for breakfast. Make sure that the coconut milk covers all the ingredients. Place in the fridge overnight.

The following morning, add fresh fruit or a banana as a topping and eat!